Hybrid Controlor Series 1KW

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Hybrid Controlor Series 1KW - 스마트론파워(주)


size                                         250mmH x 73.2mm D x 141mm W                                   

Battery terminal(+,-) x 1, Solar Terminal(+,-) x 1
Wind Terminal(+,-) x 1,  Dummy Brake Terminal(+,-) x 1
Load1 Terminal(+,-) x 1, Load2 Terminal(+,-) x 1
DlO Connector(3Pin) x 1, Brake signal Connector (2pin) x 1,
Dimming Out Connector(2pin) x 1,
RS485/ISP PORT (DB9 Connector) x 1,
USB Type-A Connector (data Logging) x 1           

Electrical specifications
Battery Voltage20V to 28V
Solar Rated Power500W
Solar Input Voltage30V to 50V
Wind Rated Power1000W
Wind Input Voltage30V to 150V
Solar Charge Current20A
Wind Charge Current40A
Load Output Current20A
Brake Current60A
Operating Temperature-20ºC to 55ºC(Ta)
Interface Support
Data LoggingUSB Type-a Flash Memory(FAT32 support)
CommunicationsRS485 support
Programming TerminalISP suport(6Pin)